Rabies antibody test

For reference: The content of neutralizing antibodies against rabies must be at least 0.5 IU / ml.

The biggest problem for pet owners is that antibody testing must be done in an EU accredited laboratory. There are no such laboratories in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The representative of most accredited laboratories is our company "Animal ID Kazakhstan". The division of our company "Travel Agency", specializes, among other things, in the preparation of documents for traveling with animals, first, they provide advice and assistance in passing the test: we carry out all the necessary procedure from setting a microchip and vaccination to taking blood, sending blood obtaining a certificate. In the veterinary passport of an international standard of your animal, they will make a note about the passing of the test, and the company will keep duplicate documents. Thus, you can always restore information for future travels. Our company sends blood to other laboratories in South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, and others.

The peculiarity of sending blood samples is that the animal's blood must be processed in a special way and delivered to the laboratory no later than the third day after taking. And payment for laboratory services is carried out only by bank transfer and is accepted only from accredited companies, with all accompanying documents.

The preparation and transport procedure are simple. After preliminary reading of the microchip number, blood is taken from the animal (and this is only 2-3 ml), the blood is centrifuged, the serum is separated and placed in a special transport tube (this makes the sample suitable for a rabies test within a week). The prepared sample together with accompanying documents in English is sent to the laboratory by courier. Test results are delivered from the laboratory by courier as soon as they are ready.

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